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(Blackcurrant) Mint Tea


BlackCurrant Mint Tea

Blackcurrant Mint will make a delicious Blackcurrant mint tea infuse the fresh leaves in just boiled water for 2-3 minutes dependent on taste to make a refreshing drink perfect on hot summer days and an alternative to classic mint tea adding a subtle blackcurrant overtone. 


a handful of fresh mint

honey to sweeten (To taste)

Take a few leaves of the mint at a time and slightly crush, then drop the leaves into a teapot or cafetiere. Repeat with the rest of the mint, saving a few small sprigs for each glass as a garnish if you wish.

Fill up the pot with just boiling water (ideally leave the boiled water for a minute before doing this) and let it infuse for 2-3 mins, the liquid will start to take on a slight pale yellow colour. Strain the tea into cups and sweeten with honey to taste. Garnish with the reserved mint leaves if you wish.