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Alchemilla erythropoda (Dwarf Lady's Mantle) Herb Plant

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Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla erythropoda) Herb in 1L Pot 

Lady’s Mantle is the common name used to refer to all of the Species in the Alchemilla Genus, Alchemilla erythropoda also known as Alchemilla vugaris, is one of our native species and the species traditionally used in herbal medicine. Lady's mantel is an old-fashioned perennial plant that is still popular today for it’s fuzzy, cupped leaves that hold water droplets after a rain, and the frothy sprays of dainty yellow flowers that bloom in late spring and early summer. 

Lady’s Mantle is fairly low maintenance and is ideal for edging borders or even as a groundcover, and once established, Alchemilla will self seed happily and colonise almost any area of the garden. This version is a dwarf variety reaching only 15cm in height on average., this is a wonderful companion plant to day lilies or roses, the perfect plant for a cottage garden scheme or planted with catmint or lavender for a great colour combination.

Herb Usage

Lady’s Mantle ahs often been used as part of a posy since medieval times and is also used in making lotions and soaps. The leaves or flowers of Alchemilla can be made into an infusion and put in the bath for a soothing effect.

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Alchemilla erythropoda (Dwarf Lady's Mantle) Herb Plant
Aspect/Site Any
Soil Type Any Soil
Flower Colour Yellow
Height 15cm
Spread 15cm
Latin Name Alchemilla erythropoda
Hardiness RHS rating H7 - Very hardy
Culinary None
Scented None
Medicinal/Cosmetic Teas and Tissanes
Flowering/Harvest/Interest Summer
Special Features Ground Cover
Type of Garden Cottage/Informal