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Dictamnus albus var. purpureus (Purple-flowered Dittany) Herb Plant


Some Herbs may be too tall for our standard packaging and will be trimmed to fit. This will not be detrimental to the plant but will mean that these herbs will flower later in the year.

The Blister packs used to protect our beautiful herbs during transit are made from 100% recycled plastic and can be recycled kerbside.

Dictamnus albus var. purpureus (Pink-flowered Dittany) Herb Plant 

Dittany is known variously as burning bush, false dittany, pink dittany, gas plant and Fraxinella. It is a perennial, native to warm, open woodland habitats in southern Europe, north Africa and throughout Asia. It is called the gas plant as it produces a flammable gas which will ignite when an open flame is present. Very exciting!

Dittany grows about 60 cm (24 in) high. Its flowers form a loose pyramidal spike and vary in colour from pale-purple, through pink to white they are quite spidery looking with five-petals and long projecting stamens they are worthwhile as cut flowers.  The Gas Plant is slow to establish, but very long lived. Plants form a bushy, upright clump of lemon-scented, glossy green leaves which resemble those of an ash tree. Dittany is attractive to bees and butterflies.

Herb Usage

Some use has been made of the plant (chiefly the powdered root) in herbal medicine. However, as the alternative name "false Dittany" implies, it is unrelated to the Dittany found in Crete.

CAUTION: Skin irritant with sunlight.

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Dictamnus albus var. purpureus (Purple-flowered Dittany) Herb Plant
Aspect/Site Full sun
Soil Type Free draining soil
Flower Colour Pink
Height 60cm
Spread 60cm
Latin Name Dictamnus albus var. purpureus
Hardiness RHS rating H6 - Hardy - Very cold winter
Culinary None
Scented Flowers
Medicinal/Cosmetic Herbal medicine
Flowering/Harvest/Interest Summer
Special Features Pollinator Friendly
Type of Garden Cottage/Informal