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Lavandula x chaytoriae 'Richard Gray'( Lavender 'Richard Gray') Herb Plant


Some Herbs may be too tall for our standard packaging and will be trimmed to fit. This will not be detrimental to the plant but will mean that these herbs will flower later in the year.

The Blister packs used to protect our beautiful herbs during transit are made from 100% recycled plastic and can be recycled kerbside.

Lavender 'Richard Gray' (Lavandula x chaytoriae 'Richard Gray') Herb in 1 Litre Pot

Lavandula x chaytoriae Richard Gray is a strongly aromatic shrub growing  60cm tall,  and is well-recognised for its beautiful scented flowers and grey foliage. The flowers of Lavender Richard Gray are lavender blue, produced on shorter spikes at the top of slender, leafless stems 10–30 cm long.  Lavender 'Richard Gray' is a fairly compact mound forming lavender, it works well when grown at the front of borders, in pots or as an informal flowering hedge, the evergreen nature of the leaves make it an ideal hedging and garden plant as it will give structure to a garden throughout the year. The flowers are also attractive to bees. Lavender is a flowering plant in the family Lamiaceae, native to the Mediterranean region and as such prefers a light free-draining soil and an open sunny sheltered position. this is a relatively hardy Lavender. Lavender enjoys being cut back hard (to 2 cm above the hardwood) after flowering in mid Sept and to maintain a neat shape they can be trimmed again in Spring after the first flush of new growth. Ideally plants should be replaced every 3-4 years as they will eventually become woody at the base especially if not regularly pruned, however,  with the correct regular pruning they can last much longer.  

Herb Usage

The flowers of all Lavenders have long been harvested for their essential oil, as well as its insect repellent properties, infusions can ease headaches and encourage restfulness. Dried Flower heads can be used in Lavender pillows to freshen clothes and repel insects in drawers.  Dried Flowers can also be used in cooking such as lavender biscuits and even lavender ice-cream.

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Lavandula x chaytoriae 'Richard Gray'( Lavender 'Richard Gray') Herb Plant
Aspect/Site Full sun
Soil Type Light free-draining soil
Flower Colour Blue
Height 60cm
Spread 80cm
Latin Name Lavandula x chaytoriae 'Richard Gray'
Hardiness RHS rating H4 - hardy average winter
Culinary Desserts/Drinks
Scented Foliage
Medicinal/Cosmetic Aromatherapy
Flowering/Harvest/Interest Summer
Special Features Hedging/Edging
Type of Garden Formal