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Myrrhis odorata (Sweet Cicely ) Herb SEEDS

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Some Herbs may be too tall for our standard packaging and will be trimmed to fit. This will not be detrimental to the plant but will mean that these herbs will flower later in the year.

The Blister packs used to protect our beautiful herbs during transit are made from 100% recycled plastic and can be recycled kerbside.

Sweet Cicely (Myrrhis odorata) Herb Seeds

Sweet Cicely is a wonderful spring and early summer herb, and are some of the first flowers available for nectar-loving insects. This early flowering perennial plant has a bushy, ‘feathery’ appearance and the crushed foliage has a very strong aniseed scent. Producing umbels of white flowers which are airy and graceful in early summer, these can be left to ripen to form large seeds in late summer, and these will frequently stay on the stems until winter, but cutting down the exhausted flower stems will encourage more young growth if you want to use this as a culinary herb.   

Growing up to 1.2m, Sweet Cicely prefers partial shade and well-drained humus-rich soil, and once established it self seeds readily.

Growing Instructions 

Sow in autumn directly into a seedbed as a period of winter cold is required for germination. Keep soil moist. Thin as required, young plants to their final positions the following spring.  You can sow indoors at other times of year. Mix seed with damp vermiculite and place in a polythene bag. Place in a fridge for 4-6 weeks. Remove from fridge and sow into moist well-drained seed compost at 18°C. Germination can take many months, but if germination does not occur repeat cold stratification. Once germinated move to individual pots. Plant out to flowering position once danger of frost has passed in late Spring.

Herb Usage

Sweet Cicely, otherwise known as Garden Myrrh or Sweet Bracken, was formerly a widely cultivated culinary herb, as it was said to have been strewn on the floors of churches in medieval Britain, presumably for its scent. The flowers, young leaves and seed pods can be used to add aniseedy flavours to salads. It also makes a delicious herb tea. The plant is renowned for its aniseed taste and fragrance and there are many recipes which use different parts of the plant: the roots can be boiled; leaves added to salads; and seeds which are used whole in fruit dishes or ground as a spice added for flavouring. The leaves add sweetness to tart fruit such as rhubarb and can be used in place of sugar. The plant has also been used as a wood polish creating a deep lustre on wooden surfaces. 

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Myrrhis odorata (Sweet Cicely ) Herb SEEDS
Aspect/Site Partial shade
Soil Type Moist soil
Flower Colour White
Height 200cm
Spread 150cm
Latin Name Myrrhus odorata
Hardiness RHS rating H5 - Hardy - cold winter
Culinary Desserts/Drinks
Scented Foliage
Medicinal/Cosmetic Teas and Tisanes
Flowering/Harvest/Interest Summer
Special Features Pollinator Friendly
Type of Garden Herb