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Agastache foeniculum (Anise Hyssop) Herb SEEDS

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Some Herbs may be too tall for our standard packaging and will be trimmed to fit. This will not be detrimental to the plant but will mean that these herbs will flower later in the year.

The Blister packs used to protect our beautiful herbs during transit are made from 100% recycled plastic and can be recycled kerbside.

Anise Hyssop (Agastache foeniculum)  Herb seeds

Agastache foeniculum or Anise Hyssop shows large, bold spikes of light purple flowers, and these bracts are on display all summer, making it a good long flowering border herb. A beautiful and robust herb with anise scented leaves, this perennial herb can grow to 90cm, and will tolerate very chilly temperatures, even as low as -6'C, although young plants need frost protection until they are established. Cut the plants back by 1/3 after flowering to promote new growth.

Anise Hyssop is an excellent herb for bee keepers as it is an especially rich source of nectar during flowering, and it is also attractive to birds and butterflies.

Prefers rich moist soil in full sun.

Growing Instructions

Jan-May sow indoors sew thinly in a seed tray and cover lightly with soil place in a propagator in a greenhouse or leave on a sunny windowsill to germinate. Can also be sown direct outdoors April-July, choose a sunny site and press your seeds direct into well prepared, free-draining sandy soil.  Once established, separate young plants to achieve a spacing of 30cm (12") apart. Or if planted inside when your plants reach 7cm (2¾") high, plant out into well-drained sandy soil in a sunny spot 30cm (12") apart. You should have a crop in 14-16 weeks.

Herb Usage

It is used for both culinary and medicinal purposes, and it is particularly used as a cure for hangovers. Used in extensively in Chinese medicine, and makes a pleasant tea.

The leaves can be added to drinks or salads or used to flavour pork and other meat dishes, and they can be stored by drying.

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Agastache foeniculum (Anise Hyssop) Herb SEEDS
Aspect/Site Full sun/Partial shade
Soil Type Free draining soil
Flower Colour Purple
Height 90cm
Spread 60cm
Latin Name Agastache foeniculum
Hardiness RHS rating H4 - Hardy average winter
Culinary Desserts/Drinks
Scented Foliage
Medicinal/Cosmetic Infusion
Flowering/Harvest/Interest Summer
Special Features Pollinator Friendly
Type of Garden Herb