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RHS Master Growers at RHS Tatton Park Flower Show


We're currently at RHS Tatton Park Flower show and are the first nursery to take part in an exciting new initiative launched by the RHS at Tatton Park called 'Master Growers'.  Below is our press release with more information and some images from the stand, which we are incredibly proud of.

Local Herb specialists selected as first ever RHS Master Grower at Tatton Park Flower Show

Hooksgreen Herbs, based in Oulton Heath, Staffordshire will again be showing at the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) Tatton Park Flower Show for the 10th year running. This year’s show will be unlike any other for the culinary, medicinal and scented herb specialists as they have been selected as RHS Master Growers, an initiative being launched at the show.

Hooksgreen Herbs will be presenting one large display in the Floral Marquee at Tatton Park Flower Show, which will tell the story of the nursery and its growing success. The display itself is a walk-through design, which will allow visitors to enjoy a beautifully planted herb display, which they will be encouraged to feel and smell, and will showcase the more unusual varieties grown.

The RHS are launching their Master Growers initiative at Tatton Park flower show, with Hooksgreen Herbs as the first ever nursery to be selected for this accolade. Helen Boem, Marquee Manager at RHS comments: “RHS Master Growers is a vehicle to celebrate the skills and expertise of the specialist nurseries who attend RHS shows, singling out for attention those that exemplify the very best in growing.”

Creating the displays for the variety of shows Hooksgreen Herbs appear at always requires a great deal of planning and creativity. The bar has been set even higher for the 2016 Tatton Park Flower Show as the Master Grower has to create a display unlike any other. One that has elements that create interaction with visitors to the show, such as photography, which forms an integral part of the display in the Floral Marquee.

Thomas Dickson, Production Director at Hooksgreen Herbs explains more: “Being selected as the inaugural RHS Master Growers is a great privilege and one we are very excited about. Creating the stand has come with its challenges, as we have had to incorporate elements we wouldn’t normally have. For example there are 11 photo stands which form part of the display.”

Thomas and Malcolm Dickson have worked closely with Helen Boem from the RHS to develop the design, ensuring it fits the RHS vision for Master Growers and importantly depicts the hard work that goes on behind the scenes at a nursery. Particularly one that isn’t open to the public. Preparations commence months in advance and Tatton Park is no exception, particularly this year.

Alongside designing and growing all herbs for the stand, a RHS photographer visited Hooksgreen Herbs to interview, photograph and film the team and uncover what makes Hooksgreen Herbs Master Growers. These photographs form part of the display and importantly give a behind the scenes look at the nursery and the preparation and work that goes into a show. Furthermore, there are additional criteria that the team must fulfil as part of the initiative, creating and designing the unique, interactive exhibit plus they will also unveil and showcase two new plants: Salvia Annabel and Variegated Grapefruit Mint.

Thomas concludes: “Much effort and dedication goes into ensuring we always produce different and creative displays. Creating such a unique stand has meant different ways of working so whilst the process has been different we are immensely proud to be selected at Master Growers and we are excited to unveil our display, new plant varieties and hear peoples views.”

The Dickson Family standing proud at the RHS Tatton Park stand.